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Moominvalley - Homecoming

Moominvalley - Homecoming

Join us for a journey into the magical world of Moominvalley, an idyllic place where the Moomins live in harmony with nature. CHIFF presents Australian Premiere screenings of two brand new episode packages - Moominpappa's Island and Homecoming.

The first three episodes from the brand-new third series of Moominvalley begin with the Moomins looking forward to returning home after having been away on an island adventure. But when they arrive, they discover no welcoming party: their house has been overrun by electrified Hattifatteners, and Moominvalley has descended into disorder due to the anarchic rule of a mysterious figure known as The Wise One. Soon, the valley is divided between those who enjoy the chaos and those who want a return to order, with everybody being pressured to take a side.  

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  • Country

    Finland, United Kingdom

  • Director

    Jay Grace, Sara Barbas, Nigel Davis

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