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May 24 - June 10, 2019

Children's International Film Festival


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My Giraffe

My Giraffe

Patterson is a small boy with a big best friend: Raf the giraffe. They were born on the same day, live next door to each other, and are inseparable. When they reach school age, they are both very excited. However, they soon find out that animals aren’t allowed to come to school. Patterson gradually learns to enjoy school and even makes a new friend. But Raf feels left out. That’s when Patterson comes up with a brilliant plan to bring his giraffe to school and enjoy the company of both his best friends! Inspired by one of Holland’s most beloved nursery rhymes, My Giraffe is an imaginative story about value and flux in an unusual friendship.
  • Recommended Age


  • Country

    Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

  • Year


  • Runtime

    75 mins

  • Director

    Barbara Bredero

  • Language

    Dutch (English subtitles)

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