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The Black Brothers

The Black Brothers

It’s 19th century Switzerland and Giorgio, 14, is as happy-go-lucky as the goats in his Alpine home. But his mother has an accident, and the family can’t pay a doctor. A man in black materializes and makes them a deal: he’ll give them money to save her life if they sell him their son. This man, Antonio Luini, leads Giorgio and a gaggle of ragtag boys to Milan, where they’re forced to work as chimney sweeps, scurrying up sooty fireplaces and suffering regular beatings. A street gang called the Wolves wastes no time in tormenting them. Giorgio befriends a fellow sweep named Alfredo, and they form a band called THE BLACK BROTHERS to combat the Wolves. But the boys know something about Luini that he doesn’t want made public, and he’ll crush them to keep them quiet. THE BLACK BROTHERS reminds us of the strength that comes from having friends you can count on.

Recommended for ages 10+. 

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  • Runtime

    100 Mins

  • Director

    Xavier Koller

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