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Dino Dana: The Movie

Dino Dana: The Movie

Dana, the 10-year-old who has the power to imagine dinosaurs into the real world, makes a triumphant leap to the big screen with this feature-length film based on the hit Canadian TV series that celebrates science, a thirst for knowledge and the power of imagination.

Dana is ready to commence dino experiment 901 to find out just why there aren’t any kid dinosaur fossils. However, this time Dana has the help of her new neighbour Mateo who can also see the dinosaurs she conjures. The problem is that the T-Rex and Spinosaurus that the young palaeontologist-in-training has brought into the world are out of control and it’s up to Dana, Mateo and their older siblings to save the day. Along the way they learn some valuable life lessons as they solve the mystery of the missing kid dinos.

Parental guidance: very mild themes concerning an older child choosing what parent to live with after a divorce, mild sense of threat in some scenes, some scenes may scare or upset younger children.

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