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King is a lion cub who has been smuggled into France by traffickers. After escaping from the airport, King finds shelter in the home of 12-year-old Inès and 15-year-old Alex. The brother and sister come up with a scheme to take King back to Africa. Unfortunately, the customs agents on the kids’ tail don't make their mission any easier. They need help and it comes in the unlikely form of Max, their not entirely trustworthy grandfather whom they've only met twice before. Soon the kids and their grandfather are on a cross-country adventure as they try to get King back home. 

Parental guidance: Coarse language, depiction of smoking, and some scenes and themes may be too intense for sensitive viewers.

  • Recommended Age


  • Rating


  • Country

    Belgium, France

  • Director

    David Moreau

  • Language

    French (English Subtitles)

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