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The Island of Lost Girls

The Island of Lost Girls

Three young girls lost at sea must fight to survive as they are trapped in a sea cave, surrounded by crashing waves and hundreds of sea lions and giant elephant seals. 

Shot on location in the sea caves of Baja, Mexico, The Island of Lost Girls was shot by the three kids playing the lead characters with their parents. This jaw dropping and tense adventure features the three young actors performing their own stunts: swimming through underwater caves, battling seals, and falling from death defying heights – and one of them is only 4 years old! 

Parental guidance: Some frightening scenes may not be suitable for sensitive viewers. 

  • Recommended Age


  • Rating


  • Country

    Mexico, United States

  • Runtime

    104 Mins

  • Director

    Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt

  • Language


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