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The Strangest Girl in the World (La chica más rara del mundo )

The Strangest Girl in the World

15-year-old Melién has an incredible imagination. She loves to read mystery books, draw monsters and write horror stories. She is happy to live in her own fantasy world, but at school she is teased and called ‘the strangest girl in the world’. However, she soon discovers she has even bigger problems when her drawings start coming to life. Fortunately, Melién is not as alone as she thinks: if she opens up to the possibility of friendship, she might just end up with companions to stand by her when the monsters and ghosts she reads about start to become real. 

Parental guidance: Some scenes and imagery will be too intense and frightening for sensitive viewers.

  • Recommended Age


  • Rating


  • Country


  • Director

    Mariano Cattaneo

  • Language

    Spanish (English subtitles)

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