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Three Robbers and a Lion  (Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by )

Three Robbers and a Lion

A fun animation about three clueless robbers and the very kind townspeople who help them turn over a new leaf. Based on one of the most popular Norwegian children’s books of all time.

Everyone would live peacefully in the idyllic Cardamom Town if it was not for the three thieves who are constantly on the prowl. Chaos rules the troublemakers’ everyday lives, which includes their household, as they live with a lion! 

 The crooks are in desperate need of a housekeeper, but their plan backfires when they kidnap the orderly Aunt Sofie, and she bosses them around to clean up themselves. After sending Sofie back to town, things get worse for the terrible trio... until they get a chance to prove that they are not so bad after all! 

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